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Learn how to Apply Eyeliner according to Eye Shape

Learn how to Apply Eyeliner according to Eye Shape

The most important and attractive feature of our face is an eye. The beautiful eyes attract others towards you. Everyone have different shape of eyes, some have small eye, some have large eye. To make eye look beautiful and adorable with makeup then the shape of the eyes matter a lot. If you apply eye makeup according to your eye shape then it will enhance your eye beauty. Eyeliner is one of the cosmetics that play a very important role to make eyes attractive. If you apply perfect eyeliner according to your eye shape then it will look awesome. But first of all, you have to know about your eye shape to apply eyeliner. Today, in this article I’m going to share with you some tips to apply eyeliner according to eye shape.

Almond Eyes Shape:

Almond Eyes Shape

These eyes are same like as almond. Among the all eye shapes it is the idlest shape because every type of eyeliner suits on this type of shape. So, you can apply thin, thick, full eye covered eyeliner. Whatever the way you like to apply eyeliner you can do so. The almond shape eyes are the most beautiful eyes. So there is no special tip for this type of eye.

Wide Eyes:

Wide Eyes

The wide shape of eyes is that type of shape in which the distances between the eyebrows are wider. So if you have wide eyes then you can apply thin eyeliner. If will suits you more and make your wider distance hide. Follow this tip to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape.  From the corner of the eyes make the eyeliner out. So that your eye will look beautiful and it make the distance hide properly.

Protruding eye shape:

Protruding eye shape

The eye shape that are little bulging from the outside. Apply eyeliner in such a way that your eye looks less prominent in this type of eye shape. If you apply thick dark eyeliner on this type of eyes then it will make your eyes look ugly so try to avoid excess eyeliner keep it decent and light.

Oval shaped eye:

Oval shaped eye

The eye shape that is oval. In this type of eye shape, thick eyeliner suits the most. So you can apply dark and thick eyeliner and make your eyes more attractive and beautiful.

Deep Shaped Eyes:

Deep Shaped Eyes

In this shape the eyes are deep and mostly look small without makeup. You can make this type of eye looks big and attractive while apply kajol inside the eyes then apply thin eyeliner. The thinner eyeliner makes it to look more prominent. Keep it simple and beautiful. If you want to apply thick eyeliner then you can also do so but remember then don’t overload the color eye shades. Just only go with the eyeliner it will look more decent and attractive.

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Neutral Bronze Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Neutral Bronze Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Summer days are hot, it’s better to avoid dark makeup and opt for lighter makeovers. The warmer makeup can go well with the weather easily- use nice colors such as pastels, bronze, oranges, yellows, and cool browns.

All makeup artists believe that women should not wear too much of glitter on the eyes because it gives a warmer impression, but there is an exception, all you need to do is choose the shade that is built with glitter product in the color. You will find plenty of such shades on the market.

I am sharing a nice natural bronze makeup tutorial that you would like to try yourself because it’s really worth trying.

Things Needed:

  • All Products available on
  • Base coat or primer it should be of lighter color
  • Kit with all the bronze shade
  • Black eye liner
  • Mascara or faux lashes
  • Round brush and 1/3 flat brush for highlighting crease

Neutral Bronze Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

Neutral Bronze Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Prepare your eyes by cleansing and massaging to get rid of dryness patches.
  2. Use light creamy prime shade as a base coat onto the eyes and make sure to blend it. It can be in a powder texture if you have very oily skin or when you want to attend a beach party.
  3. Now use your angle brush to outline the crease and blend the crease very well with the light brown shade.
  4. Now use two glittery bronze shades onto the eye lids and keep merging it with the highlight until you get a smooth texture in it.
  5. When choosing the bronze shade, opt for one that has a neutral brown effect because it looks wonderful in the day time.
  6. Now draw a thin line on the upper lid, if you are not adept in applying the liner, make a very thin line and keep applying on it until you get a perfect line.
  7. Use one light dark shade in grey or black to create a nice smokey effect onto the eyes corner.
  8. Now use light black shade from the kit and use your liner brush to apply it onto the lower eye lid.
  9. Apply the mascara, curling the eyes lashes upward to give a boost to the makeup. You are done.
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How to Do Night time Makeup at home

How to Do Night time Makeup at home

In this modern world, a trend of applying makeup is increasing day by day. Every girl wants to look beautiful that’s why they spend a lot of money in salons to look stunning. Most girls don’t know about the different between night makeup and day makeup. It is not necessary that a color of lipstick you are applying at day time also looks beautiful at night functions or events. So, it is better to understand the importance of night and day makeup. The way of the makeup is same but the selection of colors should be different in day and night time. Here are the following tips that will help you to know how to do night time makeup easily.

Apply foundation:

How to Apply Foundation on Face

First step to apply foundation. Remember it is the base of makeup that must be done perfectly. Select the foundation that suits on your skin ton. When you done with your foundation then wait for few minutes to make it set on your face properly.

Next step to do with your eyebrows:

How to pluck your eyebrows

Perfect dark shape eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face, if you have light eyebrows then use eye pencil and make it dark because at night it will look beautiful.

Now, the time to apply eye shadow:

Tutorials on how to do casual makeup using Motives Eyes shadow kit palette

Well there is no restriction on applying any colors of eye shadow but you are doing makeup for night time. So, try to use some decent and light colors of eye shadow at night. You can use following shades of eye shadow at night.

  • Soft brown
  • Patina
  • Copper plate
  • Wood winked
  • Satin taaupe


How To Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

Well. The most important part of makeup is lipstick.  Makeup is incomplete without lipstick. As we are discussing about how to apply makeup for night time so, the selection of lipstick colors must be soft and light at night. Try following lipsticks colors at night.

  • Light pink
  • Red
  • Pinkish peach color
  • Light mahronish shade
  • Orange shade lipstick.

Time for applying eyeliner:

Step-by-step-guide-on-how-to-apply-eyeliner-without making any mistake


Well, there is no different and special color for eyeliner at night. So you can try any color. Apply eyeliner carefully and neatly. If you don’t know how to apply eyeliner then you can take help from our previous articles.


how to apply mascara perfectly step by step tutorial

Make your eye lashes darker and longer by applying mascara. If you have small eye lashes then you can also use artificial eye lashes and stick it with glue and then apply mascara on it.

Brush on:

Now, the time to make your cheek littler pinkish or reddish. Apply brush on of any color on your cheeks to look more beautiful and gorgeous.

Hope, you will understand about how to apply makeup at night. It is not so different from day makeup but little bit of selection of colors are different. Keep on improving your makeup skills by taking help from our article. Stay connected with the website for more information regarding makeup.

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How to Do Flower Petal Inspired Makeup for Informal Events

How to Do Flower Petal Inspired Makeup for Informal Events

There has been a trend in makeup in which artists are trying to make some nice flower petal inspired makeovers onto the eyes, lips and skin of the models. It’s not difficult to imitate the style of these artists because they have already taught us how to do it- use the lighter colors with the brighter one in order to complete one nice makeover, also keep your makeup on the soft side if needed in order to avoid flaws or imperfections.

Today we will discuss one nice makeup tutorial which is truly violet flower inspired because three major shades used in it are purple, violet and yellow.

Some Rules to follow:

When doing any art such as flower eyes makeup art you have to use one light tone in the middle and the same tone on the both side of the light shade in order to create petal type impression. If you review any petal closely you will notice that flowers have lighter shade somewhere in the petal alongside dark shades that may have a sequence or a noticeable color value.

Things you will need for this makeup:

  • NYX eye shadow base primer color
  • Sparkly Mauve Purple eye shadow
  • Matte violet eye shadow from Milani Runway eyeshadow color palette
  • Nars Yellow shimmer eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Faux lashes
  • Eyeshadow brush

Flower Petal Inspired Makeup Tutorial:

  1. Apply one thin coat of primer all over your eyes and let it settle in.
  2. Apply one thin line of liner on the lower lid.
  3. Apply one coat of purple mauve eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Fill in the middle portion of the eye with shimmer.
  5. Again use the same purple mauve eye shadow near the crease line, but don’t apply it onto the crease line.
  6. Highlight the crease line using dark violet color. Blend the shade in the crease with the outline so the makeup looks a bit smooth.
  7. Apply our eyeliner, connecting the flick on the upper lid with the lower lid to make smokey effect.
  8. Use mascara to curl your lashes gently.
  9. You are done.

Extra tips:

If you think you cannot work with mauve violet or mauve purple for its being too bright you can pick maroon or reddish pink color with shimmer to create the same effect. Use light purple instead of yellow or any other shade that is kind of lighter in tone. Some women love to use white shimmer but sometimes it merges badly with the colors, you have to pick on the right color to produce the right effect.

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How To Do Office Makeup In Quick And Easy Steps

How To Do Office Makeup In Quick And Easy Steps

Do you invest a considerable measure of energy at home in-front of your mirror to get that flawless look before going for a meeting or office? Furthermore, not ready to pick or pick the right office makeup to coordinate with the corporate environment. But Now no need to be stress anymore because today this amazing post is completely devoted to cosmetics for office wear. This post will help all the working ladies make skilled and expert settle on up decisions to look best in a corporate environment. Some Basic rules for office Makeup are as follow:

  1. Cosmetics Should be fun and enhance your actual beauty. When you work in a corporate or moderate setting, ‘excessively’ eye cosmetics is not work fitting. A dim smoky eye is an outright no-go for ordinary wear at the workplace. Abstain from utilizing hues like dark, dim blue or anything glittery.
  2. Verify your makeup is waterproof and has low support. It would be perfect to touch-ups (fair on the off chance that for gatherings outside the workplace) in 5 to 10 minutes, as opposed to 30 to 35 minutes.
  • You should apply makeup that make you comfortable and confident.
  1. On the off chance that you cherish liner, however would prefer not to look excessively done, attempt tight coating. Put the eyeliner pencil near to the lash line this will make the lashes look more full.
  2. Be watchful that if your office is hot to make you sweat then wear light office Makeup or else your cosmetics will get smeared.
  3. Try to use Light eye shades, light colors look decent and elegant in office environment.

You Should apply Following tips for office Makeup, To look Elegant and beautiful.


Eyes Makeup

  • Begin with your eyes by essentially applying a base. A decent base will help you keep your cosmetics set up and will keep going long.
  • Verify that you cover all the dark circles around your eyes (on the off chance that you have any) utilizing a concealer which coordinates your skin tone.
  • Next pick eye shadow hues that will make your eyes seem splendid and not languid. You could favor matte shades in light pink, beige or chestnut.
  • At that point put on a dark eyeliner (ideally waterproof), so it doesn’t smirch and set aside a few minutes in the washroom revising it, as opposed to taking a shot at your work area.
  • Next characterize your eyelashes with maybe a couple layers of mascara (waterproof) right now.


Makeup Cheeks

When you improve your dazzling cheeks with the blusher, attempt to coordinate the shading with your eye shadow furthermore your skin shading. Abstain from utilizing anything excessively shimmery. These are a portion of the shades which you may utilize.

  • Light reddish pink.
  • A light skin shading or more like a peachy shade.
  • Light pink shading.


Lips Makeup

With lip shading, a little opportunity is permitted to communicate than with eye hues, presently they aren’t too splendid and out of the spot. In any case, it would be better on the off chance that you utilize an impartial matte lip shading for office. Verify that you first line your lips with the lip liner, which is near to your lip shading, and afterward fill in with a lighter shading lipstick. You may utilize these lipstick shades at your work environment. The picture speaks to bare shades for the most part, which are near to pinks, peaches and tans. Red could be a no. However, nowadays parcel of ladies are selecting it, particularly to make themselves stand high allied. Staying away from it would be a superior alternative.

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How to Apply Makeup for Oily Skin

How to Apply Makeup for Oily Skin

Makeup is very important part of a girl’s life. There are hardly few girls in this world that don’t like to apply makeup. Almost every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, they spend a lot of money in beauty salons to get ready for the occasion, events such as wedding, birthday party or any other special occasions. Most of girls have sensitive skin that after applying makeup, they get pimples on their face. Mostly pimples appear on oily skin. Therefore girls having oily skin are mostly worried that what type of makeup product they should use and how to apply makeup for oily skin. But now, you don’t have to worry about it because this article is especially for girls having oily skin. Follow the below mention steps to know the right method to apply makeup for oily skin.

Exfoliate your skin before applying makeup:

Exfoliation is very important part of skin care. It will help you to keep your skin fresh and free from pimples. We are highly recommended you to use honey scrub, Queen Helene’s Oatmeal for exfoliate your skin rather than a foam cleanser or any other cream cleansers.

Moisturize your face before applying makeup:

Another important thing to do before applying makeup on oily skin is that moisturize your face. Try to use oil free moisturizer. It will help you to stay makeup on face for long time and also save you from pimples. Always remember to do this step before applying makeup.

Apply foundation:

How to Apply Foundation on Face

Well, there is huge variety of foundations in the markets. So the most important step is to select a right foundation for your oily skin. Must use foundation that is free from oil. So, that they can easily set on you face properly. This is the base of makeup. So, make it perfect.

Eye makeup:

Eyes Makeup

Now the time for doing eye makeup after the foundation is set on your face properly. First of all apply eyeliner beautifully. It is your choice to apply eye shadow or not. Now, apply mascara and use lashes roller to make your eye’s lashes roll. You can also apply kajol. It will look decent and beautiful.

Apply lipstick:


Choose your lipstick color and apply it properly. Without lipstick makeup is incomplete. So, apply it must to add some more beauty in your face.


After you have done with your makeup. Set your hair. We have share a lot of hairstyles in our website. Try one of them and give yourself an amazing and beautiful complete look.


  • Always wash your hands before applying foundation
  • Dry your skin properly before applying makeup
  • When your foundation wearing away. Set it immediately.
  • To get rid of extra oil throughout the day, oil blotting sheets is amazing for it. You can purchase it from drug stores.
  • Use makeup spray to keep your makeup set properly for long period of time.

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Three Ways to Apply Glitter Eyeliner along the eye shadows step by step guide

Three Ways to Apply Glitter Eyeliner along the eye shadows step by step guide

There is a new trend of applying glitter highlight and eyeliner with the night makeup as a little sparkle can transform anyone from ordinary to glamorous. The glitter sparkles during night when the light reflects through the eyes. The entire eye makeup gets shiny and glossy, making you to appear more beautiful than you are. Usually, the gold glitter eye liner is used on the smoky makeup but you can use it with the bronze and other regular eye shades as well in three different ways.

  1. On the inner and out corner of the eyes when the eye makeup is complete.
  2. Above the black eyeliner to give it a boost or in place of black eyeliner.
  3. The last way to use it by applying a line onto the crease of the makeup, but this technique can work with the dark shades only.

Things needed for glamorous eye makeup

  • Glitter Eyeliner of any color such as violet, golden, silver or green.
  • Use gel separately if you are using powdered glitter or else use gel glitter
  • Angular eye brush to make the dimension with the glitter
  • Eye shadow palette for regular makeup
  • Faux eye lashes long ones
  • Black eyeliner along with the dark kohl

Tutorials on how to apply glitter eyeliner over regular eyes makeup

Tutorials on how to apply glitter eyeliner over regular eyes makeupDo your regular eye makeup. It should be dark for the evening having a smoky effect such as black, jade, dark violet, indigo or dark navy blue. If you have chosen to keep the eye shade light within the crease, you must use dark black shade onto the crease or else your glitter would not look wonderful.

  1. Now use the angular brush and apply the glitter eyeliner. For applying it alongside the eyeliner, you need to apply the eyeliner first and then apply the glitter liner along the line of black eyeliner.
  2. If you want to apply the glitter eyeliner on the inner and outer corner of the eyes, you must apply some white shade or highlighter before applying it.
  3. If you want to apply it onto the crease, apply the shimmer on the crease of the eyes and don’t apply any dark color, instead apply the dark eye shadow within the eye crease.
  4. Put on your faux eye lashes if you have a pair. They should be long as any glamour makeup is incomplete without faux lashes. Use glue in the small amount to stick the lashes alongside the line of the eyeliner.
  5. Your look is complete.

Video Tutorials on how to apply glitter eyeliner over regular eyes makeup

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How to Get Instant Face Glow before Party Makeup

How to Get Instant Face Glow before Party Makeup

You had worked hard last night even you knew today you have to attend a very important family event. When you awoke you noticed that your eyes were bit droopy and skin was completely saggy- they show clear signs of fatigue and sickness, what else to do. Here are some nice organic masks to help you with revival of facial glow before party makeup.

Honey and Citrus Mask

Honey and Citrus Mask

Forget that how much work you still need to do today before function, just focus on restoring your skin glow by using a nice mask.

Mix two table spoons of honey with three drops of lemon or orange juice. Apply the mask on skin and avoid rubbing, wash face after 15 minutes. Put some sliced potatoes on your eyes to relief fatigue.

Oats with Milk

Oats with Milk

Mix some oats with milk or use warm water. Leave it for five minutes. Then use it as a scrubber on your face, move your fingers in circular motion to scrub the face. If you have some black or white heads, you can put a thick mask of oats onto the area for 20 minutes. Wash your face , you will feel your skin has become smoother, airy and lighter.

Papaya with honey and Lemon

Papaya with honey and Lemon

Papaya has been very famous for its wonderful effects on skin and hair. Mash some papayas in a bowl, add ½ table spoons of honey and 1 drop of lemon juice. Apply the mask on face to restore the glow your skin has lost.

Sandalwood Powder with Rose water

Sandalwood Powder with Rose water

Mix 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder in 5 tablespoons of rose water to make a nice paste. Apply it all over the skin for 30 minutes and wash your face.

Banana, oil and Honey Mask

Banana, oil and Honey Mask

Banana can rejuvenate your skin almost immediately. Mix some olive oil in one mashed banana and add ½ tablespoons of honey in it. Apply this mask on skin for 20 minutes and wash with mild warm water.

Turmeric Powder, lemon and oats

Turmeric Powder, lemon and oats

Mix oats with turmeric powder and add some lemon juice, apply it on skin to brighten your skin and bring in some glow.

Splashes of cold water

Splashes of cold water

You can use ice cube on face to feel fresh, if it sounds a bit difficult to put up with the icy feeling of the cubes you can opt for cold water. Take a big jug of cold water from the freezer, add in some rose water and splash the water on your face gently. Don’t pat dry your face, instead let the water dries out itself in air.

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How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty without makeup

How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty without makeup

Natural beauty is a god blessing. So, we should take care for it. To enhance your natural beauty it is necessary to avoid all poor quality makeup products because it can harm your beauty and may you get pimples or acne. Face is the most sensitive part of our body. So, we should not try products that may harm our face beauty. To maintain your natural beauty a good healthy diet is also very important. Try to avoid oily and fast foods so that you may live long healthy and beautiful life. Following are the some tips that will help you to enhance your natural beauty without makeup.

Wash your face daily twice by using herbal face wash:

To wash face daily two times in a day can help you to enhance your natural beauty. But you should use good quality of face wash. It is much better to use herbal face wash. There is variety of herbal face wash available in the market. So choose the one that suit you.

Apply moisturizer on your face:

Whenever you wash your face, don’t forget to apply moisturizer because a dry skin can cause several skin problems and can harm your face beauty. So, it is better to take precaution before it makes your skin damage.

Exfoliate your skin once a week:

To make your skin exfoliate once a week can save you from several skin damages. To look beautify without makeup it is mandatory to exfoliate your skin. Visit markets and find out a face wash that contains exfoliate particles in it. It will help you to maintain your natural beauty alive.

Use Cleanser:

Try to do cleanse your skin once a week. You can visit beauty salons for it. Or can buy a good quality cleanser and do it at home by you. If you really know how to do cleansing then do it otherwise don’t take any risk and prefer salons for it.

Remove makeup before sleep:

Remember never sleep at night by applying makeup on your face. Must remove it before sleep to protect or enhance your natural beauty from any harmful skin problems.

Drink Water:

Do you know how healthy water was for our skin? If you drink daily 8 to 12 glass of water then you will never lost your natural beauty. Water will make your skin hydrated and also protect you from the skins problem such as acne, pimples etc.

Fresh Fruits:

The daily intake of fresh fruits will help you to enhance your natural beauty. Do you know banana, apply, and oranges are so good for skin. So, try to eat fresh fruits once a day. You can also make a fresh juice of fresh fruits or eat it as it is.

A Proper sleep at night:

A proper sleep at night also helps you to enhance your natural beauty. A daily 8 hour proper sleep is very important for your skin and beauty. If you sleep properly at night then you will not get dark circles under the eye. So, sleep tight at night and live a happy fresh and relax life.

Avoid drugs:

Drugs are not hygienic for health and skin. So, try to avoid drugs such as cigarette, wine and much more. Beauty is very important to live a successful life. If you feel beautiful then you will also feel increase in your confidence.

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Easy and Light Makeup Tips for summers

Easy and Light Makeup Tips for summers

Summer Makeup Tips are required of each young ladies and women who are popular. Since they need to look slick and excellent in sunny days of summer season, they need these small beauty and makeup tips regularly. Your skin gets to be dull, harsh and dry without cosmetics and on account of the extreme warmth. Each young lady who is cognizant about her skin and needs to shield it from sun dependably utilizes diverse sun squares. The warmth of sun is exceptionally destructive for essentials body cells and dull patches show up all over. In this article we will let you know some best cosmetics tips that you can follow in this late spring to keep away from such circumstances.

All the working ladies likewise need immaculate and even tone in all seasons in light of the fact that they can’t deal with their excellence amid overwhelming work. Wash your cosmetics consistently before going to bed. On the off chance that young ladies need to dispose of pimples and pimple inflammation’s then they ought to utilize a best purging moisturizer for uprooting pollutions. We want to let you know that drain is a characteristic chemical which has no symptom.

Makeup tips:

Here are some of the basic yet needy makeup tips mentioned that you can use in the summer season and get the most of it. They will help you appear more dashing and charming.

1: The Primer:

It is the first step that gives a new look to your skin. Take a little measure of good groundwork and apply it all over all over. You can utilize a fine brush for mixing and appreciate normal cosmetics magnificence.

2: The Lighter Side of Makeup:

As everyone realize that establishment is utilized for overwhelming cosmetics tips. Anyway, on the off chance that you would prefer not to do overwhelming cosmetics then utilize a cream for light touch. A lotion of good quality can issue you a clean and clear look.

3: The Bronzer

When you go outside your skin endures with sunburns and in this circumstance you require bronzers. They will issue you tan free body.

4: Some other Makeup Tips:

Common cosmetics are suitable for summer season on the grounds that establishments can uproot because of sweat. Only one shade of eye shadow and mascara looks idealize in this season.

5: The Essential Highlighter:

Solid and gleaming skin draws in everybody and highlighter is utilized for this reason. It is exceptionally connected on cheeks and forehead bones.

6: Choose Waterproof Makeup:

For best consequence of these mid-year cosmetics tips for young ladies you ought to pick waterproof cosmetics items particularly mascara and smear free eye liner.

7: Lip Enhancement:

Try not to utilize lip gleams in summer in light of the fact that it looks indecent. Simply take light lipstick shading and apply it on your lips and dodge dull hues.

These are a few essentials and Best Makeup Tips for summer that can help you in getting an alluring look.

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